The Dipper came to be when two fashionistas, Tinsel founders Aniyia Williams and Monia Santinello, set out to create a new kind of jewelry.

That fact has made all the difference.


Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace in Gunmetal,

Most wearables companies don’t start with fashion

Unlike many early wearables companies - those who took relevant technologies, shrunk them down to small sizes, and adapted them to wearability by adding chains, tucking them into other pieces, or just letting them be ugly (the horror!) - Tinsel started at Jewelry. When Aniyia and Monia set out, they didn’t want stylish headphones, they wanted stylish jewelry that also served a second purpose. That’s why The Dipper was lovingly designed, is made of high-quality metals, and sports a fashion favorite pattern as its main attraction.


Most wearables companies don’t start at women.

Q: How do you tell which items in a jewelry store are made for women? A: You don’t really have to; you can assume most of the pieces are designed with femininity at the forefront. Tinsel takes the same route - we are making jewelry by women, for women, and with women in mind. The Dipper  doesn’t follow the traditional model for making tech woman-friendly. You know the one: a company creates products that are clearly designed to serve men, fit men, or otherwise cater better to men but is sure to create a pink version? Tinsel doesn’t play that; The Dipper was designed with a woman’s lifestyle in mind from the start.

Q: How do you tell which items in a jewelry store are made for women?

A: You don’t really have to.

Most wearables companies don’t let you unplug.

When your gadgets feel like unwanted baggage, or portable boxes of anxiety, it’s important to have an out. According to Harris research, 45% of Americans try to unplug from technology at least once a week but, with the perpetual data collection that comes with most wearables, unplugging is much harder than it should be. With The Dipper? No such problem. It’s elegant, it’s fashionable, and - when you need it to be -  it’s disconnected. Tinsel designed the audio necklace to be as useful and productive when in headset mode as it is inconspicuous and gorgeous in necklace mode.

Tinsel- Statista Chart on Unplugging,


Tinsel does it all.

Tinsel bridged the fashion tech divide. For so long, there has been pressure to make tech fashionable so it will appeal to women and fit their lifestyles. Tinsel flips that script, meets women where they’re already taking the time - and spending the money - to find quality, and doubles down on their investments with a piece that is beautiful, functional, and packs a luxury-good punch on both fronts.


The Dipper is jewelry that doubles as tech - not the other way around. That fact makes all the difference.

Order your Dipper today, and see for yourself.



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