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We’re back from Austin’s SXSW and had a great few days in the Lone Star State!

Tinsel was lucky to attend events at the Decoded Fashion House where Co-founder Monia and I got to seek advice from big names in the fashion industry like Swarovski, Estee Lauder, and John Varvatos. It was an awesome opportunity to pick the brains of gurus behind a few brands that are well-established and keeping things fresh.

However, the best part of our trip was our time with CODE2040 and Google for Entrepreneurs. They threw a great party, but what left a lasting impression was the room filled with so many different colored faces, many of them entrepreneurs. 

It’s amazing — a year and a half after starting Tinsel, we’re getting to meet and partner with fashion and tech leaders, and there’s so much energy surrounding what we’re doing. Thank you for taking the journey with us. 

Keep Shining,

The Chief Executive Baby had plenty to say about me leaving her with dad for SXSW. 

Tinsel Today

Since our last update, we’ve been working around the clock on packaging and perfecting the finer details of The Dipper. Now that we’re off-tool, we’re at work fine-tuning the perfect hues of gold and gunmetal, the experience of switching to earbud mode and back, and the lengths of The Dipper’s necklace chains. Fingers are crossed that the next samples we touch will be the last we need to see before The Dipper is ready for production.

Our backers have been so patient, and we hate making you wait, but we want to get this right, and need just a little longer to get manufacturing started. Things are coming together, but we are behind schedule, so it looks like we’ll be shipping in June. 

On the upside, this means more time to prep your summer Dipper looks! Find inspiration on Tinsel’s Pinterest, where we’re already set for the warm weather. 

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Our bright bosslady is steady proving that when you shine through the challenges, things get lit! 

Aniyia was praised as a black tech leader on The Root, as a pregnant startup founderon The Next Web, and as a “Wearables BOSS” in Ebony. She was also chosen as an Entrepreneur in Residence for Code2040 and Google for Entrepreneurs. 

Meanwhile, back at Tinsel HQ, we’re trying new things and loving the results as we wait for our Dippers (and yours!) to arrive. We already knew it, but the tech world is catching on too: Aniyia is real-life Wonder Woman or, more accurately, real-life Nubia.

Follow her on Twitter for ample doses infant-care, women’s empowerment, and tech-founder shine. Maybe you can catch some rays.

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There’s something about springtime that screams “do something new!” Last week, we doubled-down on following spring’s cue with a new series on new artists. First up: Tenille Tomengo - a soulful songstress out of Oviedo, FL with an unexpected love for country music, and a very expected hatred of tangled headphones. You can hear Tenille’s new single Feel Free now on Spotify and show her love by buying and rating the song on iTunes and/or Amazon

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