Since our last update, we’ve been working around the clock on packaging and perfecting the finer details of The Dipper.

Now that we’re off-tool, we’re at work fine-tuning things like the perfect hues of gold and gunmetal, the experience of switching to earbud mode and back, and the lengths of The Dipper’s necklace chains.

Fingers are crossed that the next samples we touch will be the last we need to see before The Dipper is ready for production. At this very moment we are waiting for our 2nd off-tool sample to come our way from the factory.

You amazing backers have been so patient. We REALLY hate making you wait any longer, but we want to get this right, and need a little longer to get production started. Welcome to the world of manufacturing! 

Things are coming together, but we are behind schedule. It looks like we’ll be shipping in June. Once we approve the samples as "production-ready", we must then create a very small quantity of Dippers for testing, sales and marketing (remember, the images you've seen have all been prototypes!). After that we can start the first production run which will contain YOUR Dipper. 

Not the news anyone wants to hear, but we're still pushing forward. 

...yep, we start 'em young around here.

...yep, we start 'em young around here.