Remember a little while ago, when we were all invigorated by the newness of 2016 and the possibilities it could hold? Remember the self-reflective social media posts, the cries of “this year, all I care about is love and happiness” and all the motivational quotes about making the best of everything life gives us? What happened to those?

Ah, of course, the first work week of the year. A week made wholly of Mondays. A period of post-vacation angst and expectations when, after six weeks of food, family, and festivities, the holidays are over and we’re over the holidays, but instead of crawling into lounge clothes and onto our couches, we're all crawling back to the office. You could join in on the week-long country-wide case of the Mondays, or you could come back with all the style and grace of the woman you want to be this year. Here at Tinsel, we’re definitely doing the the latter with this week’s edition of The Shine. Our theme is The Comeback Kid, so turn up the speakers and get back on track with these and other comeback tunes.


Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog) - Brett Dennen

"Na na na-na na na na na nah nah, that's my dog!"

"Na na na-na na na na na nah nah, that's my dog!"

Our titular song is an upbeat tale of being at your wit’s edge, on your last leg, and bouncing back. Sounds like someone we know…

They Want My Soul - Spoon

After a long holiday season of giving gifts, energy, and as much of a damn as possible, it’s no wonder back-to-work week is so draining. This mid-tempo rock song answers “What more could they possibly want from me??” with the most melodramatic flair.

Isn’t She Lovely - Stevie Wonder

While your founder was at the helm of a company, leading teams, and checking out tech incubators, our superwoman founder and CEO, Aniyia, was doing all that and incubating something even more precious.  This one goes out to Tinsel’s new favorite mama and baby - we even threw in the Jazz for Babies version so Little Noemi can enjoy too! Congratulations, bosslady!

The New Workout Plan - Kanye West

 This oldie but goodie is one of our New Year’s favorites. When that health-conscious resolution feels daunting, a little old school Yeezy is the best way to cope. And if you stick with it, someday maybe you too can “pull you a rapper, a NBA player, or at least a dude with a car.”

Get Up/Levantate - Pitbull

Getting out of bed is going to be rough all week, so this song may be best applied as a wake up ringtone. Seriously, who doesn’t want to hear "Mr. 305’s" rhythmic, bilingual “get up” chant first thing in the morning? That’s right, you. That is what makes this the perfect ringtone or morning pep song.

I’mma Shine -Youngbloodz

This song was made popular by the movie Step Up, and that’s exactly what we’re asking of you this week. While everyone else is moping, get that 2016 leg up with a great attitude, and the best comeback of all. Shine. Don’t Settle.

Listen to these plus more pick-me-up picks and sympathy songs all week on The Shine by Tinsel. While you’re at it, follow Tinselwear on Spotify to keep up with other new tunes, artists, and playlists with Tinsel’s seal of approval. See you on the up and up, comeback kids!