At the end of the first week of the year, half of the enthusiastic resolution makers have already given up, about a quarter of them are suffering the gravity of their ambitious goals, and another quarter is triumphantly making the resolution thing work… those overachievers.

Meanwhile, the rest of us have been getting caught up with work left over from the end of last year, thinking about tax season, and otherwise feverishly active. Because it’s the beginning of the year and the beginning of the year means there is stuff to do. Where's the time to stop and think of goals that are actually significant? Probably out there somewhere, but we figured you're too busy to find it, so we did it for you.


That's right, ladies, the Tinsel Team put together 50 fun and unique goals that even the busiest of us can fit into her schedule. Try one, pick a few, or do them all; just stop side-eyeing every friend who asks about it (and maybe send her here instead!)

  1. Listen to a full album you’ve never heard once a week

  2. Write 100 words on paper every day

  3. Have 52 hours of meaningful conversation

  4. Take 12 new people out to Coffee

  5. Introduce two of your close friends who have never met each other

  6. Go two whole weeks without eating out

  7. Complete just one Pinterest project you’ve always wanted to do

  8. Take a weekend trip all by yourself

  9. Grow something edible… and eat it!

  10. Do something none of your friends will do with you

  11. Start an herb garden

  12. Go on 5 fully-planned dates

  13. Splurge on 2 items that will make your life easier (Tip: Make one of them The Dipper)

  14. Finally go all-out with your halloween costume

  15. Read at least one page out of a book every day

  16. Learn to draw great stick figures

  17. Take a 6+ hour road trip

  18. Find a place in nature that feels like home

  19. Spend a day with children or animals that aren’t your own

  20. Donate $500 of time to charity

  21. Learn to play one song on one instrument

  22. Go to a concert of a band you’ve never heard of

  23. Visit a friend you didn’t see last year

  24. Do ten pushups in the morning 100 days out of the year

  25. Train to lift twice your weight with your legs

  26. Complete a Duolingo Course

  27. Make yourself an item of clothing - wear it out

  28. Write down one word to describe your day for every day of the year

  29. Create a piece of art that represents you

  30. Build something out of wood

  31. Enjoy a group meet up or party where you know no one

  32. Go for an intentional walk out in the rain

  33. Watch an entire season of a show in one day

  34. Spend a week without taking your cell phone out of the house

  35. Walk somewhere you’ve only ever travelled by car

  36. Buy a stranger’s whole purchase at a store

  37. Take a beginners class in something you know nothing about

  38. Teach yourself to write your name in calligraphy

  39. Spend 1 week eating only locally sourced food

  40. Go somewhere you’re not supposed to be, and take a picture

  41. Perform in front of an audience

  42. Buy a plant, and keep it alive at least until the end of the year

  43. Do something strikingly different to your hair

  44. Go in-person to a game of a sport you don’t like

  45. Write down a compliment to yourself for every day of the year

  46. Pick a card or board game, and play it once a week without fail

  47. Get rid of everything in your closet that doesn’t fit

  48. Finally donate your wedding/prom/pageant dress to charity

  49. Buy a full outfit inspired by your favorite decade

  50. Create and share a list of your achievements for the year.


The resolutions are ready, so go forth and achieve! Let us know how you’re progressing on Twitter by tweeting at @Tinselwear, or using hashtag #Tinsel, and get the pep you need to get started this month with our playlist “Best.Year.Ever. The 2016 Pump Up” on Spotify.