With all that can happen in 365 days, there’s a whole lot to unpack about 2015 as 2016 slips into place. There were rough days and tough days, chilling days and thrilling days, it was - like every year - full of both ups and downs. By far the best way to make any transition is to review and reflect on the experience, so let’s get reflecting, shall we? There are 4 easy steps:


1. Acknowledge the End

Whether the year has felt like a rousing success or an abject failure, it’s over, so let it go!

To quote a time-tested favorite, “Closing Time, one last call for alcohol, so finish your whiskey or beer...” If the past year was a low point for you, pour yourself something strong, pick yourself up, and have a toast to you for making it through. Or maybe you’re leaving an amazing year behind. In that case, look back at what made 2015 special, sip up every last good vibe, and bring that positivity with you into the new year. You never know, you may really need it. Whether libations are involved or not, acknowledge that this is the end of something, and remember that endings are only as significant as the lessons you take from the whole experience.


2. Remember the Beginnings

Remember a year ago when you were considering everything 2015 might hold? You’ve come so far from there - whether you feel that way or not - and that alone is something to celebrate. Spend some of your reflection time thinking about the new things - kisses, bruises, lessons, memories, and experiences - you got out of the last year, and remember that the song that keeps on giving says “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” A new beginning is coming, and there’s no knowing what it will bring.


3. Wave Your Goodbyes

This is by far the most satisfying part of any New Year’s reflection. Waving goodbye is the subtle, neutral thing to do but rest assured that saluting, giving the middle finger to, bidding a tearful farewell to, or kissing off 2015 are all viable alternatives. We recommend that along with the year, you say goodbye to fears, troubles, fruitless Facebook friends, ill-fitting clothing, old electronics, bad relationships, self doubt, duplicate address book contacts, and any other baggage that’s not serving you. That’s the stuff that’s holding you back from the best year possible, so give it the boot!
You can clean house any time of the year, but having a clean slate toward the beginning sure does feel good. It also makes for a great state to…


4. Say HELLO to 2016

2016 belongs to you. It’s a brand new year ready to be unwrapped and lovingly used. It’s not a collector’s item, so don’t go in expecting it to stay in perfect condition. It's also not a warranty replacement, so don’t expect it to be an identical copy of the last year without defects. 2016 is a brand new model with new features to discover. You haven’t downloaded any new apps yet, all the snapshots of your past endeavors are only saved in the Cloud, and there’s all the potential in the world to use it to do great things. This year, get the right accessories, remember you can shutdown and restart whenever things get glitchy, and if you have time for a software update - take it. 2016 could very well be your best year ever, so  give it the welcome it deserves.

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