We're packing our bags for China, y'all.

Tinsel Packing Bags The Dipper, tinsel.me

Team Tinsel is gearing up for a trip to our factory this week. We got the pilot run of samples a few weeks back, much to our excitement. You’ll be happy to know that we are still on schedule for an October ship, despite some snags that have tried to kill our vibe.

Aesthetically, The Dipper is there. It’s a dazzling piece made even more special by its incredible packaging. Unboxing it, touching it, wearing it… we’re in love and know you’ll love it, too.

Tinsel The Dipper's Latest Packaging tinsel.me

Our headaches have come in the form of electronic issues. Our defect rate has been unacceptably high with this pilot set of samples. High enough that we won’t type it here because it makes us too sad. :(

HOWEVER, the problem units have had a consistent set of issues that we think we can troubleshoot in person with the factory next week, and once we iron them out the defect rate should drop dramatically.

The most common problem is a glitch where the play/answer function gets triggered on its own. We’re still tracking down the cause, but have a few theories of why this is happening.

The second most common problem is pieces that aren't properly tuned. This should be a somewhat easy fix, adjusting our assembly process.

Our team has tested the audio of almost 50 units to date, I think we can say that we know “the Tinsel sound” pretty well by now. Our favorite song to play during sound tests, you ask?

Beyonce’s "Formation". Obviously.

We’ll be sending out surveys for fulfillment (pick your color!) soon. Look for those to come to your inbox.

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