We received our first batch of CNC'ed samples, and we're proud to report that The Dipper is looking just dazzling. Take a look at how the new CNC Dipper is outshining its older die cast counterpart. Not to mention our new packaging is definitely on point!

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The style gurus over at 7x7 recently featured The Dipper in their Best of the Bay Area 2016: STYLE + BEAUTY section, calling its genesis a “brilliant...creative solve” to address the annoying, tangled, tacky rubber earbuds. Brilliant? Maybe that's where our Dipper gets her shine from...


Tinsel road-tripped it down to LA to hang out with feminist, activist and musical phenom Madame Gandhi at the Resident for Feminist Fridays. When we weren't busy being mesmerized by music, we were demoing The Dipper for the crowd. The consensus? We'll let @MadameGandhi sum it up for us.


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