After sharing a pretty lengthy and serious update with y'all last time, we've decided to keep this one as short and sweet as our (CEB) Chief Executive Baby.

Hmm...giant baby or little chair??

Hmm...giant baby or little chair??

First and foremost, we're happy to report that everything is still on track with our latest Dipper production timeline. In fact, the factory just completed a small sample run of the CNC'ed Dippers, which will be arriving to Tinsel HQ next week. 

Speaking of CNC, If you needed any further proof that switching to this process was the only way to go, take a look at this photo of the CNC'ed Dipper next to our previous version that was made from die casting:

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace: CNC v. Die Cast Process,
Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace Profile: CNC v. Die Cast Process,

Notice how the CNC'ed Dipper not only stands up to wear and tear much better, but it also rightfully earns its spot in the Tinsel family by maintaining our trademarked #shine.

Fear not, Gunmetal Dipper fans, we’ve got you covered as well: 

Tinsel- Dipper Audio Necklace: CNC Gunmetal Pendant,

Finally, we want to sincerely thank you for the overwhelming love & support you showed us following our update last month. The overarching theme of the feedback we received was that you appreciated our transparency with the production delays, and would like us to continue keeping you informed of the latest production news.

Well we heard you as loud and clear as @MadameGandhi listening to one of our Dipper samples.

Or as YOU will this fall with these snazzy eartips we're working up for your listening pleasure.

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace: Eartips,

So now in addition to our regular Indiegogo updates, we will also be providing more frequent production micro-updates via Twitter using the hashtag #DipperWatch. Follow us @Tinselwear to get the download on the Dipper and all things Tinsel.


- Team Tinsel