Real self love is the stuff of legends

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: self-love isn’t about treating yourself. It’s about knowing yourself. Tinsel has just the tale to prove it.
You may have already heard this story. It was covered on Huff Post, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and a number of other news outlets, amassing hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and views.

Going, Going, Viral

It all started when Tinsel's CEO, Aniyia Williams, experienced quite the special occasion month: she had her first child. Our Chief Executive Baby (CEB), Noemi, was born happy and healthy in early January; Team Tinsel was, of course, thrilled about it. We got a sneak peak at early pictures, and it was clear she was a well-made young stunner. She had chubby cheeks, tiny hands, and a do what I want attitude - you know, the "life of a boss" starter kit. 

About a week after baby Noe was born, Aniyia’s husband Marco took to Twitter to tell the story of unexpectedly having to perform the delivery himself - just him and a laboring Aniyia,  at-home, in their bed.


The whole story is hilarious, and the internet got a good kick out of it, especially after Aniyia chimed in with her own commentary on the experience.


Meanwhile, at Tinsel...

While the net was laughing it up, Team Tinsel was experiencing a different emotion altogether: total and complete pride. Our CEO did something amazing. No, scratch that, she did two amazing things – she had a baby and flexed self-love to the utmost by knowing her own body and insisting on listening to it. Check out our girl handling things:

"Can't" he said. HA. There was no "can't" except "you can't tell me nothing" - It was literally Aniyia's way or the highway. She could've given in and gotten into the car, but in the Momma-knows-best move of the century, she took control.

Eventually, Aniyia's insistence caught on, and her husband Marco joined her in the zone: this baby was on her way! 

And push she did! With a contraction, a bit of baby handling, and Marco's undivided attention, out came Baby Noe. 

You said it Marc - handling things, just like Mom! Look at this little superstar: 

Tinsel- Chief Executive Baby,

How She Did It:

Aniyia is all about self-love in the realest sense.  She knew she had nerves about the labor process and, instead of pushing them to the back of her mind, she acknowledged them, found a solution, and kept it moving. 

There’s nothing that screams self-love more than knowing yourself and, even when it seems crazy, making way for your mind - and in Aniyia’s case, her body - to do what they know they need to do. Our founder did it while delivering her baby, we do it every day while building Tinsel, and - soon - we hope to be part of your self-love process with our products.

This month, while the hearts, chocolates, and flowers are abounding, take some time to appreciate yourself and - most importantly - get to know yourself better. You never know when it will really come in handy!

Read more about Aniyia’s story! It was covered by NBC News, Huffington PostBuzzFeed, TODAY and many others but, if we're being honest, nothing's better than the original story as read from Marco and Aniyia's timelines.  

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