During the month of February, the internet does this thing to women...

Just when you figured out a solution for  these .

Just when you figured out a solution for these.

It turns into a wasteland of terrible mixed signals.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, ladies in the “taken” camp are treated to images of lingerie, expensive chocolates, stuffed toys, lavish dinners, and epic romance; meanwhile single women receive either steadily streaming expectations of self-pity or an all out barrage of self-affirmation.

You’ve seen these self-love messages before: “Hey, Beautiful. You're intelligent, self-sufficient, and excellent at life. You don’t need a man this Valentine’s Day. Why not treat yourself at a fancy restaurant – table for one.  How's about you get a massage? You like chocolate, right gorgeous? Indulge in some decadent, expensive chocolate, then go do some yoga. You make your own money so spend to your heart's content - buy your own nice  jewelry. Did we mention you don’t need no man?”

“Hey, Beautiful...
You're excellent at life... 
You don’t need a man this Valentine’s Day...
Treat yourself."



Team Tinsel is not here for these overplayed and undercooked notions of self-love. We’re 100% on board with the #TreatYoself ideal for pick-me-ups, and if we said we don’t celebrate Galentine’s Day, we’d be lying, but we are so over the idea that these one-off celebrations are all it takes.

When you love someone else, you don’t just shower them in lavish gifts and compliments or let them eat what they want at the expense of their health... do you? No, you show love in the small gestures of every day. Excusing their little mistakes, understanding their insecurities, supporting their passions, and celebrating their success are only some of the ways we show people we care. Self-love should be about that side of a relationship – an ongoing journey to more intimately know and more wholly accept yourself.

"Maybe you don’t have to cancel that V-Day massage after all."

So, maybe you don’t have to cancel that V-Day massage after all but, while those hot stones melt the knots in your shoulders, take a second to ask yourself why you scheduled one in the first place. Maybe  you wanted plans to be occupied while your taken friends are being romanced, maybe you needed a haven away from all the day's intimidating relationship imagery, maybe you and your SO are far apart this year and you wanted to celebrate anyway, maybe your SO is coming with you, or – hey –  maybe you just wanted a damn massage and not a blog post psychoanalysis. The reason itself doesn’t have to matter, but working to know and accept it is what self-love is all about.

One of the best things about practicing real self-love is that it doesn’t matter if you’re single or taken, and it certainly doesn't matter the time of the year. No matter who you are, who you’re celebrating, or when, you too can do “that whole love thing." What a way to shine.

Don’t settle

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#TreatYoself Right

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