A Tech Companion

We the people of 2016, in order to form more perfect lives, generally carry our tech wherever we go. That elevates our gadgets to a new level. Rather than just "tools," our tech accessories are companions who help us out throughout the day. In the spirit of the season, Tinsel reimagined two of the accessories and gadgets women wear today as boyfriends and checked out how they stack up against our own Dipper Audio Necklace. 

The Gorgeous but Useless

Your average necklace of the day is like the boyfriend you dumped because he was kind of a bum. Yeah, sure, the guy was gorgeous but besides that, he wasn’t doing much for you. You made sure he looked good and kept him safe from harm’s way. All he ever really did was hang around and look nice. You’d definitely be upset if you lost him but, let’s be real, that’s because he made your instagram pictures look luxurious - not because he was the partner-in-crime you wanted.

The Useful, but Unreliable

Headphones, on the other hand, are like that guy who couldn’t look put together if he tried (mind you, he doesn’t). He fits the bill in theory, but is a total mess when it comes to execution. You’re grateful for him when he’s entertaining on the subway, or when he’s around to keep weird strangers from talking to you at a coffee shop, but every once in awhile he’ll just go ghost. There’s no way to find him, there’s no way to reach him and sometimes - by the time he turns up - you’ve already moved on. These guys are a dime a dozen; you can replace him in no time … and that’s kind of the problem.

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace in Gold, tinsel.me

The Faithful, The Beautiful

The Dipper is that guy who you never knew was out there but, now that he’s in your life, you couldn’t see it any other way. You can listen to him for hours. You’re totally comfortable having him around all day because he blends into your life effortlessly. He’s got an electric personality, but doesn’t always have to be in charge and, instead of creating distance like some guys, he keeps you connected to those you love. Every friend you’ve told about him has asked if he has a brother for them... he does!


Let’s face it: if you could date the Dipper, you totally would.


Dump those other chumps and get with The Dipper

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace in Gold, tinsel.me

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