There are only two good reasons to ever be last-minute gift shopping for a tech lover. 1) You’ve been racking your brain for ideas but drawing a complete blank, so now you’re buggin’ out or  2) You forgot to purchase something, and you’ve just realized it, so you need a gift, and you need it now. Whichever reason brings you here, one thing is for sure: we’ve got you. These three approaches are sure to keep you out of the present-giving dog house.


The Brick and Mortar Wild Card

If you just have to show up with something wrapped and large-looking, this is your zone. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest shopping mall or electronics store, and grab a home or self-care gadget. She would totally love an electric pepper grinder, right? Who wants to manually grind pepper? How about a massaging travel pillow? A lady can’t have too many of those….

Heading to a physical store is a valiant way to put some effort into gift giving, but let’s face it, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. Most of the tech gifts that say “I care about you, and understand your tastes” take time to track down and choose. You’re more in the  “my guilt made me spend a lot of money on this” zone. Our best tip: Go with the top-of-the-line version of a home good that you know she already owns. If there’s one thing techies love, it’s having the newest version of a gadget, so an upgrade is always welcome.

The Crowd-Funded Specialty Gift

When it comes to gift-buying procrastination, crowd funded and pre-sale items are the absolute best. Instead of learning your last-minute shopping attempts were a bust or being disappointed with her new As Seen On TV tech, your loved one will appreciate the uniqueness and novelty of a brand new product and totally believe your explanation of why you couldn’t have the gift in-hand. Repeat after us “It’s still in production, but I thought you had to have one.”
Our number one pick for this category  is obviously our very own Dipper Audio Necklace, which combines function and fashion by way of baking high-quality headphones and a mouthpiece into an elegant chevron necklace. It’s the perfect gift for the tech-loving woman in your life but it’s also an awesome gift for any lady with a cell phone, mp3 player, or sense of style.

What’s great for you is that the Dipper won’t ship until Spring for anyone, so it’s the perfect late-gifting evasive maneuver. “It’s shipping in spring, but I thought of you when I saw it, so I got you one anyway. Hey, can I refill your wine?” Check. Mate.

Check out Indiegogo, where the Dipper was funded, for other great crowd funded options, or head over to good ole Kickstarter, where new products also go up every day!


The Gift Card

This is the proverbial white flag of gift giving. This is gift giving up. Sometimes it just has to happen, though. If this is your fate, just be sure the gift card is immaculately packaged, and try throwing some extra goodies in there. After all, It’s tough to hate a $100 in Amazon cash and bite-sized versions of your favorite candy.

At the end of the day, what's important about a gift is the thought that goes into it, not necessarily the timing. Even a late gift can be a great gift if it's well thought out. Be sure you're not caught up this creak again: pre-order The Dipper for the next tech-loving lady in your life with a special occasion on the horizon, (especially if that lady is you!)