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The life of a lady boss is never easy

First there’s being boss in the first place: you have to be at the top of your game like Serena Williams, have the confidence of Sofia Vergara, maintain composure like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and develop the ability to hold things down like Her Highness Queen Elizabeth. Then there are the responsibilities of being a boss: being an awesome employee/employer, keeping your friendships and relationships going, getting involved in your communities, and looking good doing it. Though tools like The Dipper, your smartphone, and your favorite to-do list app make things considerably more manageable, it’s inevitable that at some point – even if only for a little while – things will get overwhelming. At some point, burnout will happen.

Team Tinsel has been the wind in your sails, and the hip to your hop before; this time we’re all set to be extinguisher to your fire with these 4 tips for fighting burnout:

Forgive (but don’t forget)

Imagine if every time an ambulance pulled up to a single-car wreck, the EMTs got out and lectured injured parties about automotive safety. That would be just about as ridiculous as how women treat themselves when they hit a wall. Yes, burnout is usually at least somewhat self-afflicted, but that doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up every time it happens. Not only does that not help alleviate the sting, it actually makes things worse. Give yourself a bit of time to get out of your own head and breathe. Once you’re ready to forgive yourself for overdoing it, you’ll be in a much better place when you go back and make adjustments. Remember: this is no excuse to stick your head in the sand and forget what caused the burnout. The sooner you acknowledge the issue, the better-equipped you’ll be to vanquish it!



Burnout is almost always the result of doing too many things, or too much of one thing, at a time. If you find yourself completely spent at a time when getting away from work and responsibilities is a non-option, it generally means something has to go. Try your hand at writing a list of responsibilities and ranking them from most to least important and/or most to least urgent and trimming off the tasks or areas that come out as low priority. Just be sure you’re not cutting out rest, health, and mental breaks from the list. As much as you might think these are just time-sucking fillers, they are some of the highest-priority items if you don’t want burnout to be a recurring theme in your life.


Say More No's

The N-Word has a contentious history among lady bosses, but it must be said.

“Can you come to my…”


“Hey, would you mind helping with…”


“I’m in a bind, I need you to…”

“Yes, but only because it’s an emergency.”

“Do you have time to…”


You’re a boss, Hermione Granger was a boss, but homegirl had a time turner and magical powers, whereas you don’t have the same luxuries. Every “yes” you say is another sip from your cup, so if you don’t learn to say your No’s, you’ll be left without a drop to your name in no time.

Learn your burnout triggers

Of course, the easiest way to fight burnout is to detect the smoke so the fire never happens, and that’s all about – you guessed it – self love. Take the time you can to check in with yourself every morning when you wake up, or every night before bed. Are you treating yourself alright? Do you feel a sense of panic coming on? Are you feeling looming disaster? That’s the smoke. Catch burnout in its tracks and get your no-saying, list-making, and meditation medication on before it’s too late.


The life of a lady boss is never easy, but those who fight burnout early and consistently live happier, healthier lives. Don't settle for exhausted and overwhelmed, you have shining to do!