Tinsel is dedicated to bringing tech and fashion together in ways that please both the geekiest of gadget-lovers and the fiercest of fashion-enthusiasts.

There are plenty tech areas that could use more woman-centered products but, to us, the women’s tech space is the most egregiously underserved. Women wear and accessorize with more items - and a larger variety of them - than their male counterparts.  We’re talking about millions of us donning purses, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and the like as part of our outfits every single day. So why are so few tech products designed with women in mind? We see no good reason at all. That’s why Tinsel produces and champions women-centered tech that breaks the mold.

The consumer electronics industry is just not trying hard enough to cater to women. Tinsel’s CEO, Aniyia Williams, says it best “What we are trying to build is not tech for tech's sake; it serves the practical tech needs of a group that is routinely underserved.” She’s adamant about steering Tinsel away from trying to bring sci-fi gadgets to life or adding grandiose but impractical features to our products. “We could have made the Dipper wireless or with Bluetooth,” she muses, “but that adds friction to a woman’s day with charging and syncing, which has proven to be an adoption issue for wearables.” After all, who wants to wear something techy all day if it’s only useful for a few hours or can be totally thrown off by mixed signals?

Tinsel takes a different approach: starting with the woman. As Aniyia puts it, “hitting the mark for us is taking something not-so-functional that women already love wearing and adding utility to it.’”

So that’s what we do at Tinsel - we take the accessories that women wear and want to be seen, and bake in the tech that women need, but hate to carry. In the case of The Dipper, we took on headphones. By foregoing bluetooth for a 3.5mm connection we made the experience seamless, so you can go from fashionable to functional in seconds, with no extra hoops to jump through. That’s what woman-centered tech needs: the same fashion, more function, and no friction.

Why Tinsel? Because women already put in work to accessorize; so it’s high time that accessories start working for women. It’s time to shine.