Here at Tinsel, we like to enjoy the small treats in life, like warm sunlight on cold days, finding a comfortable pair of work pumps, or thinking of a good clapback right in the heat of an argument (instead of later, in the shower). Usually these little boosts of shine are left to serendipity, but since starting to sport their audio necklaces on  the daily, ladies have noticed a major uptick. Order yours this season and you, too, can experience the thrill of these unexpected Dipper moments.

The “My Little Secret”

Look out Victoria. You’re not the only one with a secret.

Your first time donning The Dipper is a practice in patience. You’ll spend the first few hours of day 1 waiting for the moment someone compliments your statement necklace. That’s when the show starts. Revealing The Dipper’s hidden functions is a unique delight.

When other women (and men) realize that your chic, modern jewelry is actually chic, modern tech, the reactions are priceless. Perhaps the best part is that every new revelation is more fun than the last, as you develop a routine for showing off your Dipper in all of its glory. The shine doesn’t quit, nor does the thrill - the Dipper reveal never gets old.



The “Sorry, On A Call”

Tinsel’s remote team functions from all over the US, so we’ve each had unique Dipper adventures, but some experiences have been all too common. #YesAllWomen have to deal with catcalling, street harassment, or other on-the-go ills at one time or another. But, no, these do not have to be handled with any less finesse than the rest of life. One excellent perk of having easy-access headphone bling is being able to tune out haters and creepers with stunning ease. We’ve used The Dipper to combat plenty of this already, and so can you. Escape from:

The man incessantly hollering “Hey, Girl” from across a four-lane street to get your attention

The over-friendly stranger on the train who needs a Tic Tac and better sense of personal space

The loud phone-conversationalist using his outside voice before 8am at the coffee shop

Plug in and zone out at the drop of a hat. Solace is only a few steps away with The Dipper.

The Show Stopper

There comes a time in every woman’s Dipper-wearing day when someone’s reaction is just extra. It may be at the grocery store when you switch modes to listen to music while you wait in line, it may be at work when you step back in from taking a call, or it may be at a coffee shop, when you settle down and plug in to your computer. About twice a day, someone is going to lose their ever-loving mind over The Dipper, and stop everything to gush about it, take a picture, or call someone else to see.

Do us here at Team Tinsel a favor: look out and listen up for the gasps, incredulous utterings of “Whaaaaaat?” and inquisitive sounds or gestures and tell them what Tinsel is all about. You won’t be sorry, believe us - something about the combination of owning something enviable, introducing women to a new tool, and looking fly doing it is good for the soul.

The “Music Maven”

It comes as no surprise that a team led by a classically-trained opera singer who is developing an audio product is all about the tunes. We made excellent audio a priority for a reason - because we love music, and we want to be able to bring the best of it, with the best possible sound, to our buyers.

Wearing The Dipper has taken Team Tinsel’s music sharing game to a whole new level. Gone are the days when rummaging through a purse & untangling a chord would prolong the process of introducing friends to that “new new”. A quick plug-in and earbud reveal is all it takes now, which means we’ve been sharing more new music than ever before.  There’s no better way to validate your ticket on the “heard it first” train than with The Dipper.

The “Earbud Elite”

Taking public transportation is a great way to blend in and people watch, but with The Dipper, it’s the perfect way to stand out and do the same. Things like hopping on a train keeps a pep in your step long after. It’s easy to feel good about your headphone game when you sit among others having so many struggles. There’s always someone sitting across the way who spends the whole ride detangling their buds and never gets to the listening part; someone’s always visibly annoyed at the noises around them and looking dejected, having forgotten their buds; and somebody is usually wearing a clunky headset that takes their aesthetic from business pro to “I think no.” Then there’s us.  We’re just basking in our Dipper shine, glad we ditched our basic buds for something better.

Call us petty, call us earbud elitists, call us whatever and whenever you want – our necklaces are also headsets, so we’re ready to answer.

Bonus: The “Say My Name”

If there’s anything an educated lady likes to be, it’s matter-of-fact. This moment captures that feeling when your new tech toy is so cutting edge that no one knows what to call it but you.

Q: Is it electric jewelry? Is it a headsetlace, maybe a neckset, or a headphone pendant? What is it??
A. It’s called The Dipper. It’s an audio necklace. Get used to seeing them, because they’re the next big thing.

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