Okay, okay! We’ve got updates:

We’re back from checking on production in China. DIPPERS ARE BEING ASSEMBLED!

Right now we are in the middle of a week-long Chinese holiday which is slowing things down a bit, but we’re still on track to start shipping the first units by the end of the month. We're giddy just thinking about it!

Dipper Assembly Pic #1, tinsel.me

During our trip, we got to watch the entire assembly from start to finish. Many people may equate “Made in China” with things made quickly and cheaply, but we assure you that neither of those things are true with The Dipper. For one, you’ve been waiting a FULL YEAR to get it, sooo…yeah. But also, The Dipper is a sophisticated product that's made by hand. A true blend of technology and craft.

Dipper Assembly Pic #2, tinsel.me

Our team will be shipping Dippers in batches over the course of several weeks as we get them from our factory and work to catch up with demand, but don’t worry, your audio necklace will come soon. We CAN’T WAIT to get it to you!

We recently sent out backer surveys to tell us your color preferences. Please complete by Oct 7th, especially if you’re getting a Tinsel tank top (otherwise we’ll be ordering you a Large). :D

Our survey results so far tell us that a few more of you love the gunmetal finish the best. Trust us, it’s a tough call!

Dipper Love, tinsel.me

Lastly, a quick product update: after watching the complicated assembly of The Dipper, we realized that we were introducing potential functionality issues when affixing the little silver accent chevrons to the chain above the remote part. We decided to let them be free. Very minor tweak, but worth noting! It just means that they’ll be like you saw in pictures from our original campaign (see red arrow in photo below).

Dipper Mod, tinsel.me

With that and other improvements made to the assembly process, we feel good about (finally) getting these units out and in the world. It's about time, right?!

More to come in the next few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy a couple more assembly pics below, check out our post about the losing the jack on the iPhone 7, and vote on our Twitter poll about the new Google Pixel smartphone. Ciao!


 - Team Tinsel

fresh anodized gunmetal pendant pieces...

Fresh Anodized Dipper Gunmetal Pendant Pieces, tinsel.me

headphone jack cables and chains (eat your heart out iPhone 7)...

Dipper headphone jack cables and chains, tinsel.me

cables and chains for earbud lines...

Dipper cables and chains for earbud lines, tinsel.me