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Tinsel founders Aniyia Williams and Monia Santinello are in Shenzhen, China right now, crossing T's and dotting I's before The Dipper goes into full production. This week, they've been brushing up on their technical Chinese with The Dipper's factory teams, discussing everything from final assembly to product packaging - including a few surprises!

Look out for more about Tinsel's journey on our blogInstagram, and Facebook pages. If you’re a top tier Tinsel fan, you can even follow along on Twitter as @Aniyia and @Monia make sure every last detail is in place before production and shipping begins. Rest assured that while everyone else is kicking off vacation season, Team Tinsel is kicking it into overdrive to make sure The Dipper is at your door as soon as possible.

The path from concept to creation had a few unexpected bends, but we kept our shine on all the way through - and it paid off! Brace yourself, The Dipper audio necklace is coming, and it’s going to rock the wearable world.

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Turn on the AC, because the Tinsel name has been hot lately. In mid-Spring, Tinsel was accepted into HAX Boost Cohort III, a massive step in getting wider distribution for The Dipper. We’re a humble bunch, but we can’t say we’re not excited for the attention. All eyes on Tinsel!

Promo Pricing - The Dipper’s production cycle is coming to a close, so soon the “pre” in pre-order is gonna have to go. June 20th, the first day of Summer, is the last day to get The Dipper for the promotional price of $175. Don’t let the sun set on this great deal!

Come See Us! Tinsel will be hanging out and giving sneak peeks of The Dipper this Friday, June 10th from 4-6PM at Target Open House in San Francisco and again on Saturday, June 11th from 12-1PM at Brookstone in the Stanford Shopping Center.

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What can we say? The camera loves The Dipper. Shots of the remixed audio necklace are not only showing up on our pages, but are making their way into the likes of Elle Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and PureWow as well. Grab a copy of this month’s Elle to see Tinsel featured in the “Industry Standard” spread, dedicated to Summer workwear, then check out PureWow’s 10 Ways to Streamline Your Busy Routine and HB’s 12 Must-Have Tech Essentials for Every Girl on the Go. Must Have? Well, shucks, we think so too.

We’d also like to give a shout to The Hanselminutes Podcast, who hosted our Founder, Aniyia for a discussion of the challenge of bootstrapping a hardware startup.

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Not only will The Dipper mean a new, great-sounding and more convenient way to listen, but some key players in the music scene have thrown down their best this summer.

The whole team is still reeling from Beyonce’s flawless visual album Lemonade; Drake’s Views from the Six dropped on the scene; Frank Ocean is allegedly hopping back into the mix; and even TLC - you read that right, TLC - is poised to sling some tunes our way. The expectations are high but - even if they aren’t met - we’re going to look so good listening in The Dipper.

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