We’re finally rounding the homestretch, and are oooh so close to entering into Mass Production Mode!

We’re going to brief you on the latest news, but first let’s take a moment to reflect back on how far we've come:

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace, Old v. New Design, tinsel.me

Check out the original prototype from August 2015 pictured to the left vs. our most recent sample, the T3, pictured to the right.

This lovely photo was taken by our co-founder, Monia, who just returned from Shenzhen, China. She spent a week at the factory addressing the final product issues, including:

Chain Lengths: We spent a while going back and forth on this one, but we finally nailed all the right chain lengths needed to create an audio necklace that balances appearance and comfort with utility.

Take a look at how well Monia and a few of the guys in Shenzhen are modeling it:

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace, Co-Founder Monia in Shenzhen, tinsel.me

Sound: Our musically-trained, perfectionist CEO is much happier with the audio quality! The Dipper’s bass is poppin' and the treble is tight.

Hook & Screws: Done and done. We’ve strengthened our anchor mechanism and figured out how to do it without disrupting the outer chain’s fit in the lower pendant. 

Back Clasp: The resistance issue we were experiencing with plugging the 3.5mm jack into the back clasp has been fixed. This means you’ll have a much smoother experience transforming your gorgeous necklace into high quality earphones and back.

Packaging: We’ve been refining The Dipper’s swanky packaging parts to make sure they get nods of approval from our persnickety CEO (did we mention that she’s a perfectionist)? 

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace in Gunmetal, Packaging Sneak Peek, tinsel.me

So what’s left to fix?

Glossy Finish: We’ve nailed the color tolerances for how gold or gunmetal each piece should be but the T3 pendant pieces are too matte. You know our favorite line is "shine, don't settle" so we can't have that!

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace, Tooling Sample, tinsel.me

Open/Close: We're still having a few issues with the open/close experience of the pendant parts.

So what’s next for us? 

Monia and Aniyia will be heading back to Shenzhen in a couple weeks. They’ll be reviewing sales samples and making sure the final issues are fixed before mass production begins. Once our fearless leaders give the go ahead, then the factory will spend the next 2 months manufacturing your Dippers.

When can you expect to get your shine on? 

We’re working hard to get The Dippers shipped to you in August. Rest assured that Team Tinsel will make sure these final details are perfected ASAP.

We know it’s been a long journey, y’all. Longer than any of us wanted, but it will feel worthwhile when you put on The Dipper for the first time.


P.S. We almost forgot to share that The Dipper made its debut into June's print issue of Elle Magazine!

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace Featured in Elle's June 2016 Print Issue, tinsel.me

Make sure you grab an issue and brag about it to everyone you know. Because you're going to be the trendsetters rockin' to the world's first audio necklace..."as featured in Elle." :D

Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Necklace Featured in Elle's June 2016 Print Issue, tinsel.me