Tinsel- Pedal to the Metal April 2016, tinsel.me
Tinsel- Team Tinsel Talks April 2016, tinsel.me

As we’ve gone on the journey to start Tinsel and build The Dipper, there have been plenty of challenges, tempting us to settle along the way. We could have chosen lesser audio quality in favor of an easier build, we could have chains that snag on your favorite sweater, or on a grander scale, we could’ve straight-up ignored the need for women's fashionable, functional tech in the first place, settling with tangled, tacky earbuds … but we didn’t. We chose to shine. Though we’ve encountered some hiccups and delays in production, we’re holding our heads high because we embrace the inspiration baked into our brand. “Shine. Don’t Settle.” That’s our slogan and we’re sticking to it. 

Shine On,

Tinsel- Tinsel Today April 2016, tinsel.me

With all the talk of melting, plating, and finishing lately you’d think Team Tinsel was working on a restaurant. We won’t be churning out gourmet cuisine any time soon, but we’re certainly hungry for results!

Thanks to challenges in finding the perfect plating solution for The Dipper’s aluminum pieces, we hit a delay waiting for our second off-tool samples. On one hand, this was a bummer because we really want The Dipper packaged and shipped as soon as possible. On the other hand, this metal-finishing mayhem has us living our “Shine. Don’t Settle.” slogan to the utmost. 

We’re excited that our T2s are finally here, but there are still some small issues we need to address. As we regroup to figure out whether it warrants a T3 run or not, we want you to know that the product is looking and SOUNDING great overall. Read more details on our Indiegogo page under "Updates".

Tinsel- In The News April 2016, tinsel.me

Our CEO is back at it again. Aniyia was recently featured at CreativeMornings Oakland in a talk about finding your superpower and making $h*t happen. We’re feeling awfully inspired watching it; check it out for the creative boost you need today.

Falling down the BuzzFeed rabbit hole can be dangerous for productivity, but when they’re giving winning advice like this, it’s totally worth it. The Dipper was a featured product in BuzzFeed’s list of ways to make your commute suck less, and we couldn’t agree more!

Tinsel- Glow at Home April 2016, tinsel.me

There was something missing in the Tinsel playlist arsenal and, we finally figured out what. After long days of being “on,” a girl can start to think that the only way to shine is to keep on grinding  -- but that’s not the case at all. Team Tinsel is all about self love, and that means understanding that the slow-burning, ambient glow of reclining and reflection is just as beautiful as the stage lights of peak activity.

It’s high time to slow things all the way down for the perfect end-of-the-day vibes to go with a smooth beverage, comfy couch, and much-needed exhale with our newest playlist That Evening Glow.

Feel lovely with Sara Haze, stay your a$$ at home with Elle Varner, and fill a parting glass with Cara Dillon - listen with Tinsel right now on Spotify.