There was something missing in the Tinsel playlist arsenal

we finally figured out what.

We’ve put together “The Office Goddess” for keeping the grind at 100 through the work day, we’ve thrown all the lady-confidence in the world into the “#TrynaShine” playlist, and we’ve given you an excuse to work what you’ve got in front of the mirror - or whomever you choose - with “When You Dip I Dip We Dip.” Now it’s time to slow things all the way down for the perfect end-of-the-day vibes to go with a smooth beverage, comfy couch, and much-needed exhale.

After long days of being “on,” a girl can start to think that the only way to shine is to keep on grinding  -- but that’s not the case at all. Team Tinsel is all about self love, and that means understanding that the slow-burning, ambient glow of reclining and reflection is just as beautiful as the stage lights of peak activity. What’s below is just a sampling of some of our favorites, but you can exhale, recline, and shine with the full playlist, “That Evening Glow” now on Tinsel’s Spotify.

Lovely - Sara Haze

Let’s start with an exercise. Think of the perfect song to cry to - an intense crawl into the depths of emotion, knocking memories over on the way there. Now think of your favorite casual Friday outfit. The one that fits perfectly, the one that gets you compliments, the one you can’t wait to wear The Dipper over - that outfit that makes you feel the most you. Okay, now take how you feel in that outfit, and put the words in that perfectly teary anthem. You now have “Lovely” by Sara Haze, a slow-building piano ballad with the somber beauty of Aretha’s “Sweet Bitter Love” and the “this is me” message of Sara Bareilles’ “King of Anything.” It’s like Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” except sung to yourself, and that’s a me-time essential if we’ve ever heard one.

I Found - Amber Run

The best reflection times are the ones that feel like walking through the forest discovering new treasures, just you and your wine glass. “I Found” by Amber Run is the perfect soundtrack for a calming hike through your own exhausted mind. The lyrics speak of unexpected discoveries and send a plea of “talk some sense to me,” - exactly the message a weary gal needs after a challenging day-in-the-life.


Don’t Wanna Dance - Elle Varner

The number one downer of taking an evening to glow at home is the guilt or pressure to stay “on” and go out instead. No worries - there’s a song for that! Elle Varner’s Don’t Wanna Dance is all the reinforcement you need to remind you that going out when you don’t want to is the absolute worse. Around halfway through, Elle ends the song’s hook with “should have stayed my ass at home”  just before featured artist A$AP Ferg interjects for a verse to remind us that staying in to relax doesn’t have to mean being alone. Ferg proves he really knows what’s up with the line “We could have stayed home and watched Martin,” to which we say YES! Roll through, Ferg!

Only One - Kanye West

If there’s a song that proves everyone is at their best after some healthy reflection, this is certainly it. Yeezus himself, Kanye West, teams up with living legend Paul McCartney in a beautiful tribute to his late mother, sung from her perspective. With two legendary artists on this track, there was certainly room in the budget for production quality, but what makes the song so good is the grittiness and simplicity of it. It features Yeezy singing in more of a drone than his usual tone and the use of autotune as a consistent treatment, rather than voice enhancement. All of this is played over a simple melody by McCartney on the electric organ of all things. The emotional storyline, ethereal acoustic-meets-gospel sound, and lyrics like “you’re not perfect, but you’re not your mistakes” pull you right into Kanye’s reflection and, soon after, your own.

The Parting Glass - Cara Dillon

There were a lot of options to weigh in choosing a single version of this old Irish folk tune to feature. The song dates back to the 17th century, and has been done justice hundreds of times, including by the likes of The High Kings, The Wailin’ Jennys, and Ed Sheeran. The Parting Glass is a tribute to the joys of life and friendship but also to the sorrow of endings and farewells. It’s a beautiful ballad in all it’s forms, and we encourage you to listen to as many versions as you can find because each has it’s merits. For our purposes, though, Cara Dillon’s take was the clear winner. Her piercing, angelic rendition of the classic farewell tune is the perfect backdrop for a meditation of gratitude to the people you love, and just the right lullaby to end an evening. “So fill to me a parting glass, goodnight, and joy be with you all.”


...And this was only a taste! Hear the rest of “That Evening Glow” and follow as the playlist grows and changes on Spotify.

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