She journals while doing yoga to double-up on self reflection. She only watches television while food prepping for each week. She gets her reading in on the health center elliptical, and you once watched her knit a pair of mittens while schooling everyone in Scrabble on game night. For this friend, there's no such thing as opportunity costs, because she's always living the best of both worlds. Gift-buying for a multitasker is all about keeping her happy, healthy, and on top of her game.

Google WiFi

Price: $129

Why She'll Love it: She has 30 tabs open in her laptop’s browser; a podcast playing from her cellphone as she fires off emails, texts, and social posts; and a tablet at the epicenter of her stockpile of connected devices and productivity apps. For The Multitasker good WiFi is essential. Google’s multi-point smart WiFi system will let her add additional points to her system as she needs them and even let her prioritize devices via the Google WiFi app.

Dipper Front.jpg

The Dipper Audio Necklace

Price: $199

Why She'll Love it: This lady is always making tough decisions. Does she finish this project now, or put off the finale and start on another while the idea is still hot? WIll she look good today, or get 3 extra things marked off of her “To Do” list? With The Dipper, she doens’t have to compromise. She can have an elegant accessory and premium sound, so next time she's modelling for a headshot while taking a conference call, there's not a problem in sight.


Ringly Connected Accessories

Price: $195 or $245

Why She'll Love Them: When you’re juggling a massive workload of projects,  there is always something buzzing or ringing, or someone pinging, nearby. Plenty of tech accessories and softwares claim to help manage notifications, but none with as much style as Ringly. These rings and bracelets do the data collection of a fitbit, give the vibrating notifications of a cell phone, and serve the high-fashion slayage of a statement piece. Multitasker, meet your match.

Portable Second Monitor

Price: $140

Why She'll Love it: Take it from a team full of them - this gift will change The Multitasker's life. With the Asus MB168B she can carry one USB 3.0 cable for charging and connecting, and take her multitasking show on the road! Remember the 30 tabs we talked about before? Give her the productivity power of two screens wherever she ventures, so she can see, do, and go twice as fast.

Find Mindfulness Online Course

Price: $129

Why She'll Love it: The Multitasker is rarely at a loss for something to do but, sometimes, the busy life she leads leaves little time to reflect and enjoy the present. An “Online Plus” mindfulness course with short, easy daily activities and bi-weekly facilitator check-ins is the perfect way to help her learn to get the most from her myriad projects and experiences without asking her to slow down.

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