Dipper Wearable for Every Woman

It’s always a joy to see loved ones feast their eyes on the perfect present, but finding that perfect gift can feel virtually impossible. Have no fear, gift-giver; Tinsel has come to your rescue. We’ve got the perfect gift, added in a Holiday Package to sweeten the deal, and we even know just who on your list would love it. Now all you have to do is pick a color and order today!

The Multitasker

She journals while doing yoga to double-up on self reflection. She only watches television while food prepping for each week. She gets her reading in on the health center elliptical, and you once watched her knit a pair of mittens while schooling everyone in Scrabble on game night. For this friend, there's no such thing as opportunity costs, because she's always living the best of both worlds.  She'll love her Dipper because she won't have to compromise. She can have an elegant accessory and premium sound, so next time she's modelling for a headshot while taking a conference call, there's not a problem in sight.

The Gadgette

When her Apple Watch battery dies, she swaps it out for her FitBit. She hasn't read a book in print since 2007. She can feed her dog, unlock her townhouse, and turn her thermostat down via smartphone before even leaving work. This woman is all about her gadgets. She’s the first in the crew to get each one, and by the time everyone else is figuring things out, she’s using it like a pro. The Dipper will fit right in with this techie’s lifestyle. She’ll appreciate that it’s totally inconspicuous, but incredibly useful, and absolutely love surprising people with her new incognito tech toy.

Do it all with the Dipper.  Order Yours  now.

Do it all with the Dipper. Order Yours now.

The Traveller

"I'll be out of town that day" is her staple phrase. Her Instagram is chock-full of exotic landscapes and interesting adventures.  She's perfected packing for the one-week-stay, and has enough frequent flier miles to go on a world tour. This friend is efficient, resourceful, and always on the move, so she has travel etiquette down to a science - invest in a good travel pillow; always look nice so they might bump you to first class;  and never ever forget a good pair of headphones. With the Dipper, she can seamlessly go from the best-dressed woman at the airport, to the first passenger to plug in and enjoy in-flight entertainment - no purse rummaging required.

The Working Woman

What do all the women above have in common? They could easily fit together in one Working Woman. Whether she's report-writing, conference-calling, jet-setting, smart-phone wielding, or any combination of the four, this lady is about her business. She's making professional waves and, if she isn't already top dog, there's no doubt she'll be there soon. The Dipper is a Working Woman's dream: high quality, fashionable, hands-free, and with no charging or syncing to fuss over. It’s both helpful and accessible, but makes a statement - just like her.  This office goddess and the Dipper are a match made in the C-Suite. Once she gets her hands on one, she may never take it off.

All hail the office goddess!  Order her a Dipper  today!

All hail the office goddess! Order her a Dipper today!

The Mom-On-The-Go

You've heard her described as "Supermom" more than once. She's done things while breastfeeding that you can't do while chewing gum. Sometimes, you catch her referring to herself as "Mommy" in passing, but she fits the bill so well, you've forgotten that's not her name. This friend is a little bit sleep deprived, but tells everyone who asks that a healthy, happy child is 100% worth it. When things are at their busiest, this Mom may not have time to look glamorous, but she'll always be sure to grab her headset before running out of the house. That's where the Dipper comes in. Now Mom can take calls, keep track of the family, and look good doing it.

The Musician

If she's not humming a tune, she's writing a lyric. When you need a playlist for your birthday party, she's the first friend to call. That song she’s listening to? You've never heard it... because she produced it yesterday. She eats, drinks, and sleeps music, so why not let her wear it too? The Dipper is this musical maven's all-access-pass to listening to or sharing music wherever she goes. She can't rock a pair of Beats to every networking event or cocktail party, but her Dipper will keep the music close to her heart.

When your mixtape is fire and so is your fashion sense.  Pre-Order your Dipper !

When your mixtape is fire and so is your fashion sense. Pre-Order your Dipper!

The Student

Classes in the mornings, active afternoons, studying into the evening, and - on nights and weekends- out on the town! This cool girl on campus may occasionally wear pajamas to the library, but don’t let that fool you. She’s smart, savvy, and - when it’s not exam week - stylish to boot! She’s mastered the “Don’t bug me, I’m studying” headphone look for campus, but when it’s time to ditch the backpack, she could use something less classroom and more class act. Her Dipper will be the norm at her dorm, the necklace of the night, and everything in between.

You know she'll love it; so, what are you waiting for? Pre-Order the Dipper now!