Today we launch our blog, a home for what will be our voice and message to the world.

We look forward to sharing our story, our journey, and having some fun along the way! But most importantly, we can’t wait to share the tech jewelry that we’re bringing to women this year.

Thanks to companies like Apple, Fitbit, and Jawbone, wearable tech has made it into the mainstream conversation, even pop culture—yet we feel that most new products are not designed with women in mind. Sorry, but simply making it pink, rose gold or animal print won’t cut it anymore. 

The bar has been raised. 

At Tinsel, we know that true utility is determined by more than function alone. It’s the balance of functionality, how it makes women feel, and how it fits into their lives.

We believe that a woman should love *everything* she wears.

So, to you ladies out there who love fashion, accessories, and your smartphones, take note: Tinsel is creating a something special for YOU.

Something you want to wear because it’s stylish, beautiful, and to top it off, serves a functional purpose. Tinsel is here to bring you the tech essentials you need in the styles you love. 

So stay tuned. There’s more to come.


Aniyia, CEO & Founder