We did it! Our Indiegogo campaign was a success, resulting in raising 108% of our $50,000 goal.

On November 6, three days ahead of our deadline, backer Pat Nakajima made our dream come true by taking Tinsel over the $50,000 funding goal of our campaign. Between the 5th of October and November the 9th, 295 people backed the Dipper. To all our backers, we send a GIANT thank you!


We learned a ton in this process and getting funded felt amazing, but even more rewarding was the generosity of words from our supporters.

We saw admirers of the concept:

Fans considering new use cases:

Supporters looking forward to what's to come:

And even a bit of Dipper-fueled emotional anguish:

So, the Dipper was a hit among consumers, but what did the press say? Thankfully, great things! During our Indiegogo, we were featured in Brit+Co, Refinery 29, Design Milk, Ubergizmo, Racked, and many other tech, design, business, and fashion publications. Business Insider even called us one of the 19 coolest new businesses in San Francisco!

All coolness may have been on us, but the victory was all you. We can’t say enough thank yous to our backers, supporters, friends, families, and team for this campaign success. Raising over $54,000 to go toward making the Dipper a reality could not have happened without you. We are incredibly excited to continue working on the Dipper and on Tinsel’s mission to champion quality, practical, fashionable, and woman-centered wearables.

so... what's next?

If you pre-ordered a Dipper during the Indiegogo campaign, look out for a buyer survey coming soon, so you can tell us what color Dipper you want and weigh in on a few product adjustments. If you didn't pre-order, what are you waiting for? No worries, you can still order a Dipper as soon as you're ready.

You believed in us, and we won’t let you down. The Dipper you’re dreaming of is coming your way!

Thanks for shining with us.

The Tinsel Team