Remixed and Better Than Ever: The New Dipper is Here

Love is in the air this season, and Tinsel is no exception

We’re celebrating February by doing a little something for the folks we love the most - our fans! It took months of tinkering, but the Dipper audio necklace got a sweet new redesign and it's looking fresh. todeath. With a thinner pendant, bolder design, flat clasp, and brand new earbuds, The Dipper sounds better than ever and got a style upgrade to boot.

We're shipping the first units later this Spring, but for now we're gonna break you off with a little preview of the remix…


“Like Brahp Brahp Brahp”

When we set out to make The Dipper, we were gunning for amazing looks and even better sound. Mission accomplished. The new Dipper features silicone soft tips, so not only are the earbuds smaller and more comfortable, but they pack a bold audio punch, so you can hear every sound in high quality. Take a look:

You may remember the custom hard-pod design we used to have. While we loved the aesthetics on those buds, sticking with the look forced us to make compromises on the Dipper's sound quality which - for us - was no bueno. When we adjusted the buds to a comfortable size for lady ears, the sound just wasn’t cutting it. We tried a myriad of ways to make hard-pods happen, but the space and airflow required for the sound we wanted would have made the buds way too big . In the end, we went with comfort and quality over everything. The soft-tip design allowed for an amazing audio experience, comfortable fit, and -as and added bonus - is made from the same quality aluminum as other parts of the necklace, rather than the hard pod's plastic. Heard that!


“The Rock I’m Rockin’ (I Bought It!)”

The Dipper’s rockin’ centerpiece, its chevron pendant, got a major makeover with this model. It’s more than a 1/4 inch thinner depth-wise, 1/5 inch wider (think 4 credit cards, stacked), and we’ve upgraded from a pattern of 3 identical chevrons to an alternating chevron pattern with one taller band between two shorter chevs. It’s a unique in-the-pendant change for all you Independent Women.

Every millimeter counts! One request we received from backers and press alike was to give the Dipper's pendant a slimmer profile. With the new earbud design freeing up some space, we were able to do just that!  The original design was 22mm (almost 7/8 in) thick while the new model is a cool 14mm (about 1/2 in). 


“They See Me Rolling...”

A new, flat clasp design means even when you’re on the move, your Dipper will stay in place and looking clean – no rolling chains or tangled wires in sight!

When testing out our prototypes, we found out that the original rounded-pyramid shape of the clasp caused it roll up and down the neck, mixing up the chains. By tweaking the shape, it now sits flat and stays put.


“So Fresh, So Clean”

The Dipper’s newly-engineered chains mean comfort is at a maximum and snagging at a minimum, no matter the fabric you’re wearing.

We’ve learned that hollow metal chains are not only hard to come by, but hard to fabricate as well! Our product team spent a lot of effort in sourcing hollow chains initially, and we were so excited to find them. For us, The Dipper wouldn’t truly be a piece of jewelry unless we got rid of unsightly wires by encasing them in smooth, shiny metal. The real problems didn’t arise until we created our first functioning prototype and started to wear it with different outfits. We realized that the chains did not play nicely with knits and woven fabrics. Snagalicious. We spent weeks in the fall making new chain after chain to fix this issue. After almost two months, we came up with a concept that solved the problem. If you look closely, the link pattern is slightly different, but we love the new style. And we really love rocking our prototypes with a wooly sweater!

It's been a long, crazy journey, heavy on the bumps, and a bit light on sleep,  but we're almost there and couldn't be happier! Our original estimate to ship is pushed back a few weeks, but we're still on target to get you The Dipper this Spring! See our updated timeline below.

Okay, enough about us. How do you like the newly-remixed Dipper? Give us a shout on Facebook or Twitter with your reaction to the new look and sound!

“Give it to me, I’m Worth It”

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Tinsel- The Dipper Audio Neckalce in Gold,

Production Timeline

The wait is almost over! The Dipper ships this spring, so there's not much longer until you'll have yours in hand. In the meantime, Team Tinsel will be working on these finishing touches:

Tinsel- Production Timeline, February 2016,

Catch all the lyric references in this post?

“Ignition” - R Kelly
“B**** Better Have My Money” - Rhianna
Independent Women - Destiny’s Child
Ridin’ - Chamillionaire
So Fresh, So Clean - OutKast

Hear these and more songs on our music journal playlist The Shine by Tinsel on Spotify!




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