A Grown-@$$ Woman is known to have everything under control. Her bills are paid and her business is handled. She has the reputation of having it all together, but this isn’t something that happens with the snap of her fingers - she works hard every day at being on top of her game. Here at Tinsel, we think a lot about how much we love the women that are holding it all down, and we put together this list of 6 traits that we think defines today’s “Grown @$$ Woman”.

1. She Does Work That Works for Her

Whether she has a gig or a career, a big part of the Grown-@$$ Woman’s professional growth is centered on setting up her work life to work for her. She sees her employment as a mutually beneficial relationship between her and the company, so she goes beyond working her hardest. She speaks up and shares her ideas and input, she negotiates her benefits package, she requests her ideal schedule, and she takes time off when she needs it.  By participating in the set up of her professional life, the Grown-@$$ Woman shows as much commitment to herself as to her job.

2. She's Money Mindful

The Grown-@$$ Woman is known for handling all of her bills, but this doesn’t happen magically. While good financial health is contingent upon making wise budgetary decisions, she’s aware that people often feel insecure about discussing finances. The Grown-@$$ Woman’s approach to money is as open as it is prudent. She focuses on productivity and honesty, rather than placing blame or judgment, when it comes to discussing finances with team members and with family. She feels comfortable tackling money issues and she encourages those around her to do the same.

3. Her Style Is Unapologetic

A Grown-@$$ Woman knows she can rock a poncho, stripes, polka dots, and cowboy boots…maybe even all in one outfit. So because she likes it, she wears it and owns it. Personal style is a badge of honor for the Grown-@$$ Woman, who may choose not to shy away from bold looks and statement pieces. She doesn’t need approval or to adapt certain trends that are deemed “acceptable”. She’s confident in what she wears because she’s comfortable in her skin, and as far as she’s concerned every sidewalk is her own personal runway…with or without an audience.

4. She Has Daily Solo Time

The Grown-@$$ Woman has a lot going on between work, social life and family, but she understands the value of taking some time for herself every day. Whether it’s a brief meditation, a walk during lunch, a class, or an hour of TV after everyone’s asleep, she understands that she needs to carve out space for herself regularly in order to stay balanced. It’s through this commitment to daily self-care that she’s able to pursue other passions, exercise the body and mind, and regroup.

5. She’s Got A Core Group of Friends…Or Maybe Just One BFF  

As on top of things as she is, the Grown-@$$ Woman isn’t conquering the world alone. She has surrounded herself with close friends - or perhaps just one – who serve not only as her crew for a great night out, but also as a continual source of love and support. She may also rely on trusted mentors when she needs advice or to be challenged by a constructive discussion. The Grown-@$$ Woman values the meaningful conversations and realness that come with longstanding friendships.

6. She’s Pursuing a Creative Outlet

Pursuing interests outside of work is of tremendous importance to the Grown-@$$ Woman. Not only does it serve as a good balance to her professional pursuits, but it fosters discovery and a sense of adventure. She likes the challenge of learning something new – an art, a skill, a language – because she knows she hasn’t seen and done it all. The Grown-@$$ Woman has a curious mind and wants that desire to explore to never go away. After all, just because we get older doesn’t mean we never stop growing.

Being a Grown-@$$ Woman is as much about mentality as it is about experience. At the heart of everything on this list is the love and acceptance of one’s self.  It doesn’t take a certain amount of money in the bank, a job title, or a specific age to make you a Grown-@$$ Woman. But loving yourself enough to approach life and responsibility head-on definitely puts you in the right direction. To all the Grown-@$$ Women in the world, Tinsel salutes you!


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