You’ve seen our necklace headphones. You love it. You want it. Did you know you can also help us choose what color options to make the necklaces available in? That’s right, we want your input on what colors to make for our first necklace, The Dipper!

We’re currently working with factories on the first samples of The Dipper, but we have not yet finalized the color finishes. As jewelry lovers ourselves, we know most women prefer their jewelry in gold or silver. We had the idea to incorporate both colors in our original necklace designs (one featuring more silver, and the other more gold) with the belief that The Dipper will work beautifully with a wide array of clothing styles and colors.

However, we want to give you the opportunity to join #teamtinsel by telling us what colors you want The Dipper to be. Would you rather see the necklace in rose gold and white? Silver, copper, and black? #AllGoldEverything? Tell us what you think by taking this short (and secure!) survey.